participants in the july 1999 invitational

Bill Pease




William Pease is the Director of Internet Projects for the Environmental Defense Fund. He has created two browser-based services for EDF:, a site that provides easy access to information about local environmental quality, and, a site that enables organizations to connect their membership with legislative representatives and conduct digital lobbying. Both are database-backed web sites that attract an audience by offering services customized to the interests of specific users. Scorecard, for example, integrates over 200 databases on chemical health hazards, uses and emissions to provide customized profiles of toxics in your community (just enter your zipcode). EDF's sites aim to recruit and mobilize a growing internet community of environmentalists, enabling them to take actions that reduce environmental health risks. The sites are built in a largely open-source environment: AOLServer renders dynamic pages that are assembled using tcl scripts, which draw information from an underlying Oracle database and Unix file system. Community-building features of the sites are provided by the Arsdigita Community System (discussion fora, e-commerce, chat rooms.) Dr. Pease is also an assistant adjunct professor at the School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley, where he teaches graduate classes in risk assessment and risk management . He holds a B.A. from Yale University, and an M.S. in Energy and Resources and a Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences from UC Berkeley.

Topics and themes for Conference:

most interesting issue: tapping the potential of the web to empower environmental organizations by giving them access to browser-based services created by diverse organizations. tutorial topic: xml

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