participants in the july 1999 invitational

Chuck Stein



I will be talking about access to environmental data on the Internet. I recently completed work on an Internet library of digital environmental data called the Master Environmental Library. This library provides a time space based search interface, in both HTML and Java, to geographically distributed data centers containing Oceanographic, Meteorological, Satellite, Terrain, and Near Space data. It provides users with a single interface to many disparate databases without regard to how the actual data is stored. I have consulted on similar projects with NOAA and the Federal Geographic Data Committee. I received a Master's in Computer and Information Science from UC Santa Cruz and worked for nine years with Meteorologists at the Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey, CA. I am currently taking a break from work to get a sense of the "bigger picture". My interests include medicinal plants/herbs, environmental data management systems, start-up company investing, hand drumming, and indigenous peoples research.

Topics and themes for Conference:

First I need to meet the participants and coordinators to get a better sense of what this is all about. There are of course high-tech issues of making data searchable, discoverable, and obtainable. Then there is the issue of making this data useable and useful to users. Perhaps more important is how to make these resources accessible and useful to those outside of the high-tech arena such as third world countries, remote "planet workers", children, parents, and others who have a huge effect on our future. Let's not get lost in our own techie world.

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