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Josh Knauer




Josh Knauer, 26, is an expert in creating and implementing effective communication strategies using the Internet, for corporations and nonprofit organizations. He has been intimately involved in the environmental movement since elementary school, and he discovered the power of the Internet as a tool for activism when he was a Freshman at Carnegie Mellon University. The combination of activism and the Internet led to Mr. Knauer's founding of the EnviroLink Network (, the Internet's largest and most complete environmental information resource for activists, organizations, businesses, and government. Mr. Knauer served as the Executive Director of the EnviroLink Network from 1991 until May of 1998. As an outgrowth from EnviroLink, Mr. Knauer has formed Knauer Communications (, a company that provides Internet strategy and implementation services for clients such as the Environmental Defense Fund, Defenders of Wildlife, CERES and the US National Park Service. Additionally, Mr. Knauer has directed the meteoric growth of the, an online environmental commerce site expected to exceed a $50 million run rate by the end of the year 2000. Time Magazine recently featured Mr. Knauer, EnviroLink, Knauer Communications and in its "Environmental Heroes" section in 1999. Mr. Knauer speaks throughout the world about the benefits of being an eco-entrepreneur and specifically encourages young people to consider more socially and environmentally responsible career paths. Mr. Knauer serves on the boards of the Pittsburgh Symphony, the EnviroLink Network and the World Care Society.

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