july 1999 invitational


Webmasters Invitational Working Group
July 10-11, 1999

One of the goals of PLANETWORK is to jump-start the greening of information technology. We want to accelerate the evolution of tools and technologies which can help people understand, digest, and creatively respond to the various ecological crises that will plague the earth in the dawn of the new millennium. To that end, we are organizing a small invitational working group this summer, which will bring webmasters of ecological and environmentalist sites together with a core group of Internet developers, journalists, online publishers and programmers. This one and a half day event will occur on Saturday July 10, through Sunday morning July 11, 1999.

The event will be structured as a working group for between fifty and one hundred participants. It will provide an opportunity for everyone to learn about and explore the technical challenges and opportunities of a "Green net." Hopefully, the event will also spark the formation of practical groups devoted to hashing out and eventually implementing some of these possibilities. We are especially interested in discussing the formation of an online "federation" of environmental and ecological websites.

The current schedule outline calls for an opening meeting of all participants, followed by a day's worth of concurrent sessions. These will consist of technical tutorials running repeatedly, so that we can keep the size down while ensuring that each participant may attend all of the tutorials if he or she chooses. At the same time there will also be a series of facilitated topical discussion and dialogue groups meeting in parallel. Hopefully, the most successful discussions will spawn online conversations which will continue after the live event.

On Saturday night a dinner is planned at the Golden Gate Club, along with an informal party that evening. The Club will be wired for fast Internet access and will remain open into the night for any participants who get into an inspired marathon. Sunday morning there will be a closing meeting for all participants where people can share observations, ideas and proposals.


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