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At the San Francisco Presidio
June 5 - 6, 2004

Planetwork's next large scale annual event will bring Ben Cohen from True Majority, Joan Blades from MoveOn, and other leaders of online activism together with a multidisciplinary community of social change agents and technologists who are using the Internet to organize for positive change in this election year. Themes will include:

  • Internet Activism: Online Organizing Strategies
    Opportunities and Lessons for 2004
  • Electronic Voting: Vote Early, Vote Often
    New Technological Challenges for Democracy
  • Social Networking for Social Good: Linking Social
    Network Software as a New Global Commons

In addition to programmed sessions, the event will offer an extensive self-organizing structure designed to promote communication, dialog and more effective networking among all participants. This ground-breaking InterActive component of this conference will provide an opportunity for participants to bring forward their own passions and for our extended network of communities of practice to meet, interact and work intensively among themselves and with each other. The facilitated self-organizing process begins here in advance of the live event and is designed to help catalyze collaborations that may continue well beyond. Topics are expected to span a wide variety of Planetwork themes:

  • Social Networks and Civil Society
    The New ID Commons Technical Protocol
  • Environmental: Proactive Responses to
    Global Warming & Mass Extinction
  • Digital Democracy: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
    from the DMCA to Touch Screen Voting
  • Alternative Economics: Online & Offline Strategies
    Complementary Currencies, Electronic barter & beyond
  • Independent Media from Blogs and RSS to DV and TiVo,
    new technologies for independent networked news
  • The Real-World Game: Bucky's Spaceship Earth meets Sim Earth
    a multi-player online game using real data to model future scenarios

Join innovators from the world of information technology, peace and social justice activists, environmental visionaries, independent media pioneers and many others to explore how social networks, information technologies and the Internet can play a key role in the 2004 election and beyond, to support emerging global democracy everywhere, including Florida.

Come participate in two days of intensive InterActivity!

Space is limited. Register Now!


ID Commons InterActive session on Monday, June 7th

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