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The InterActive is an experiment designed to provide participants with conditions to discover fresh ideas and tools to facilitate new ways of working together; to strengthen shared interests and activity while helping to realize our larger goal of an emergent truly democratic global society.

Facilitation will be light, guided by simple guidelines adapted from Stuart Kauffman’s work on complex, self-organizing systems:

  • Engage; converse with, rather than present to, each other
  • Share what you know, communicate as you go
  • Use what you get
  • Optimize your own patch*

Nature teaches us much about assembling complexity. Nothing evolves or survives on its own. Life co-evolves through relationships and networks; constantly learning, perturbing, each part seeking both to optimize its own well being while simultaneously creating a greater whole. Complexity is assembled from the bottom up following simple rules of organization and communication - as Kevin Kelly points out beautifully in: Out of Control.

We have put a great deal of time and thought into the design of this effort, partnering with Gail Taylor and Christina Carpenter from Tomorrow Makers onsite, and Eugene Kim from Blue Oxen Associates online, as well as building our own experimental online (beta) tool here on these pages.

Join the experiment; learn as you go; be the difference that makes a difference. ...describe yourself!

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*from ecology, as in a patch of grass in the prairie; in network theory: a node or cluster,
also a work group, project, company, or community of practice.

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