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ID Commons InterActive session

Monday, June 7th

An extra day to explore the new Identity Commons e-name based system. The first working alpha of a revolutionary social network protocol offering distributed single sign-on and permission based data exchange for purposeful networks and civil society will be shown at Planetwork on June 5th. This session will continue the working discussion for those wishing to explore the social, political, or technical implications of this new protocol and the opportunities it now offers civil society and purposeful social networks in this election year.

There is a separate registration fee for this extra InterActive day.

Monday - June 7, 2004

8:00 am - Reg. Opens

Monday Morning Session

9:00 am

Center Room
InterActive Assembly
ID Commons: Social Issues of
New Identity Data Interchange

1:00 - 2:00 pm - Lunch

Monday Afternoon Session

2:00 pm
Center Room
InterActive Assembly
A Constitutional Convention?

5:00 pm
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