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In parallel with the normal programmed presentations and panels, half of the event will be devoted to the InterActive self-organizing process designed to promote communication, dialog and networking. As part of that process, a dozen topic proposals from among those posted to the InterActive site by participants, will be selected for scheduled 30 min presentations based on their ranking by participants on the site. Only some of those presenters are listed here so far.

Presenters and Facilitators include:

Joan Blades - MoveOn.org

Ed Boisson - Boisson & Assoc.

Becky Bond - Working Assets

Ren Bucholz - EFF

Rolando Burger - Club of Rome CORSAT, WSIS

Ben Cohen - TrueMajority & Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities

Christina Carpenter - Tomorrow Makers

Owen Davis - Identity Commons

Brad DeGraf Media - Venture Collective

David Dill - Verified Voting

Esther Dyson - edventure.com/CNET news.com

Joe Firmage - ManyOne

Jim Fournier - Planetwork

Allen Gunn - Question Authority

Sally Green - Human Rights Campaign

Andrew Greenblatt - TrueMajority & Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities

Victor Grey - Identity Commons, 2idi & Living Directory

Jan Hauser - Integrated Innovation

Steve Hertzberg - Vote Watch

Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn

Tom Hogye - United Datatech

Marty Kearns - GreenMedia Toolshed

Eugene Kim - Blue Oxen Associates

Paul King - NeoSociety

Fen Labame - Identity Commons

Jason Lefkowitz - Oceana

Art McGee - Virtual Identity

Don Means - Meetup

Randy Paynter - Care2

Bill Pease - Get Active Software

Henri Poole - CivicActions, Solari, AdvoKit

Drummond Reed - Cordance Software

Annette Riggs - complementary currencies

James Rucker - MoveOn

Gideon Rosenblatt - ONE/Northwest

Ruby Sinreich - Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Jon Stahl - ONE/Northwest

Alex Steffen - World Changing

Greg Steltenpohl - InTerra

Gail Taylor - Tomorrow Makers

Zephyr Teachout - Americans Coming Together

Elizabeth Thompson - Planetwork

Raoul Weiler - Club of Rome CORSAT, WSIS

Polly Whittaker - Superstar Avatar

Greg Wolff -

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