Bee Audacious

Audacious Visions for the Future of Beekeeping
A collaborative working conference to envision bold evidence-based ideas through which honeybees, wild bees, beekeepers and pollination managers can prosper. December 2016, Marin County, California

She's Geeky

convenes women to inspire women for the future, creating a space to connect women from diverse STEM communities; promoting existing activities and organizations in regions around the country.

The Bloom Network

Bloom Network is a social network for regenerative culture. Local Bloom chapters produce events in cities across the world to help people and companies share tools and resources that support healthy people, planet, and communities. Online, Bloom produces media and live virtual events to support collaboration across movements and sectors toward implementing regenerative solutions. Bloom Network is positioned to address the power distribution imbalance and transform systems related to the economy, energy, health and more.


is the world's largest dictionary, with the mission of making every word of English available to everyone, everywhere. Wordnik wants to give a 360-degree view of every word, so every word at Wordnik gets its own full page. More

Cloud Brightening Fund

represents a group of collaborating scientists from the US and UK who have proposed Marine Cloud Brightening, a natural cloud-seeding technique that could reverse the loss of Arctic sea ice and protect the climate while fossil fuels are eliminated as rapidly as possible. This group is organized by Dr John Latham, National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder Colorado, who first published the idea of seeding marine clouds to increase their reflectivity in the journal Nature in 1990.

Wolf Bird Productions

Creative production for the ones who are re-building. The formula: our nature. While recognizing the need for re-inventing media, Wolf Bird productions presents creative works of visual citizenship among conversations, short films and photo essays on the authentic imagineers who are re-building our world. We present work meant to test boundaries and continually push forward an individual and collective practice of projects that critically engage emerging ideas.


Inertia features interviews with leading climate visionaries who tell of their life's work and the struggle with our collective denial. The film opens with the words of Paul Crutzen, the Dutch atmospheric chemist who was awarded a Nobel Prize for his research on the ozone hole, and who first proposed the concept of "nuclear winter." When asked how he would explain global warming to his grandchildren, his reply, "I haven't told them yet... I want them to remain children awhile longer..." speaks to our collective innocence in the face of a frightening unknown. More

UN Money

fosters dialogue and collaboration around emerging ideas related to money and exchange systems as well as issues of land and property tenure. From alternatives to the currency systems, to new ways to structure land tenancy and stewardship, to hard currency versus energy, time and food based currencies. We are looking for synergies between folks who see the need for more grounded, materially based economics and those looking at the spiritual, energetic and values based approaches..


option3 is an evolving new media think tank addressing questions of American public policy. option3 looks beyond the conceit and division of East and West, tradition and the contemporary, science and faith, markets and the state, linear and holistic thought, and, of course, Republicans and Democrats. For more information, visit